Upholstery Fabric Durability

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ACT: Association for Contract Textiles

Abrasion Resistance: The Full Story A pdf file, will open in a new window

"Defining Abrasion: Abrasion resistance is the ability of a fabric to resist surface wear caused by flat rubbing contact with another fabric. There are two different methods commonly used to test abrasion, referred to as Wyzenbeek and Martindale, described in detail further below."

ACT Voluntary Performance Guidelines: Test Method Descriptions - a pdf file, will open in a new window

"ACT has developed the following voluntary Performance Guidelines to make fabric specification easier. The 5 symbols give architects, designers, and end-users a vast amount of performance information in a succinct visual way. Look for these symbols on ACT member company sampling to assure that the fabrics you specify perform up to contract standards and pass all applicable testing."

AHFA: American Home Furnishings Alliance

Woven & Knit Residential Upholstery Fabric Standards & Guidelines - a pdf file, will open in a new window

"When the Joint Industry Fabric Standards and Guidelines Committee was formed in the mid-70's, it was agreed by all concerned that standards and guidelines were needed for woven and knit upholstery fabrics. In 1979, the Joint Industry Committee completed the original work on woven upholstery fabrics and in 1980 published the results in "Woven Upholstery Fabric Standards" by the Joint Industry Fabric Standards and Guidelines Committee. At that time, a Joint Industry Sub-Committee was formed to accomplish the same with knit upholstery fabrics. That objective was accomplished in 1983. Both the woven and knit standards and guidelines publications have been reviewed and updated since the original publication and were combined into a single publication for user convenience and easy reference."

UFAC United Furniture Action Council

Fabric Classification Test Method 1990

"This test method is intended as the means of establishing the performance level of upholstery cover fabrics in contact with polyurethane foam with respect to cigarette ignition resistance. Fabrics which meet the requirements of this test method may be labeled as UFAC Class I, and may be used directly over conventional polyurethane in the horizontal seating surfaces of upholstered furniture bearing the UFAC hangtag. All other fabrics are UFAC Class II and require an approved barrier between the cover fabric and conventional polyurethane foam in the horizontal seating surfaces."

Manufacturing Solutions Center - a testing laboratory

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"Hospital fabrics assist in protecting and promoting health - Fabric ...


“We want fabrics that are cleanable, durable and fire retardant. ... Roberge prefersupholstery fabrics that exceed the base durability level (60,000 double-rubs) at ....memo with this bottom line: “Review of current scientific literature reveals no ..."


ACT Performance Guidelines | Sina Pearson Textiles


The ACT Performance Guidelines were developed to make specifying fabric easier. ... An explanation of the symbols, application and test method follows below. ... installations where upholstery fabrics rated at 30,000 double rubs should be ...


Abrasion testing « O ECOTEXTILES


Nov 18, 2009 – I mean, you can buy a fabric that has a 1,000,000 WZ test result – it should ... of the Southern Regional Research Laboratory, “results indicate that increases in ... how well a fabric will stand up to wear and tear in upholsteryapplications. ... Textiles website states that “double rubs exceeding 100,000 are not ...


Interior Design Reference Manual: Everything You Need to Know to ... - Page 15-16 - Google Books Result

David Kent Ballast - 2010 - Architecture

Some ofthe more important tests for fabrics are listed here. ... Some upholstery fabricscan withstand hundreds of thousands of double rubs... Samples of a textile material are exposed to ultraviolet light in a laboratory testing device at specific ...


standard test methods - Chemical Fabrics and Film Association


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
and wallboard, matting, residential upholstery, residential wallcovering ... Section I covers test procedures for the coated fabrics; Section II covers test procedures for films. These tests ..... the laboratory temperature, and the UV exposure temperature...... Minimum Standard: No cracking or delamination at 25,000 double rubs.


Certification & Testing - Materialised Pty Ltd

www.materialised.com/certification-testing/ - AustraliaShare

Tests methods are simply nominating how a fabric is tested. ... Indoor / OutdoorUpholstery Fabric · Wide Width Hospital Cubicle Fabrics / Bedscreen / ... Some authorities will accept tests conducted from recognised overseas laboratories... The number of cycles or double rubs endured before the fabric shows “noticeable ...


Fabric testing | fabric durability | upholstery fabric | rub tests (a blog


Apr 20, 2010 – What's the “rub?” (Wyzenbeek vs Martindale) Aesthetics, comfort, durability – a needed balance when choosing an upholstery fabric!