Making Cording

In most upholstery sewing that needs a cording we use a 5/32" welting that is covered with fabric. The fabric is cut 1 1/2" wide, usually up the roll. The welt fabric only needs to be cut on the bias if

  • The fabric easily unravels. Cutting the cording fabric on the bias prevents it from unravelling.
  • The fabric has small stripes, such as corduory or a pin strip. It is extremely difficult to exactly match the small stripes in a seam with welting. We cut the cording fabric on the bias so that the cording will have diagonal stripes, which help to Camouflage any slight misalignment of the stripes.
  • On round cushions the welting fabric strips go around the turns better if it has been cut on the bias.

The welting can be sewn using any of several different methods

  1. The fabric can be sewn around the cording separately, and then sewn onto the cushion panels.
  2. The fabric strips and cording can be sewn onto the cushion panels at the same time.
  3. The fabric strips and cording can be sewn into the seam of the panels and the cushion boxing all at the same time. This takes a little more practice and skill to have it come out looking smooth and nice.