The Value of Consistent Advertising



Long Term Consistent Advertising Pays Off

I have advertised our business consistengly for many years. We advertise regularly whether we have plenty of work or not much work. There is something about advertising consistantly in the same medium that tells the potential clients that you are consistant.....  I've had a number of clients who have told me that they saw our ads for some time. Some even have said that they cut out the ad a year ago and knew that someday they would have me do their furniture.
Advertising is expensive. We watch carefully where we put our advertising dollars.

Name Recognition

Part of the value of consistent advertising is name recognition. Just doing a big spash advertiting campaign may ... but it doesn't get your name into their long term memory. Advertising week after week, month after month, year after year slowly and subtly builds your name into the subconsiousness of potential clients. Being located on a busy street can also have a similar affect. But many of us, especially those who have a shop in the garage of our home or who have their shop out in the country don't have that highway type exposure.  

Be Cautious About Splash-In-The-Pan advertising.

Don't use up all of your advertising funds on a  quick big advertising promotion. Unless you have extra money so that you can afford to do ongoing advertising as well as any big promotional advertising.... It is more important to do consistant ongoing advertsing of a type that you can afford. I would not recommend spending a large chunk of money to try to do a quick.... get business. People who want upholstery work done seem to be a different breed.