Cheap Charlie

Cheap Charlie, “the cheapest upholsterer in town,” gives no thought about quality because he believes that most people are looking for the lowest price. He takes pride in giving people “real bargains.” As an example, unconcerned about how long something will last, he continuously searches for the lowest priced materials that he can find, and he uses the quickest and simplest methods of doing the work. Without checking, he just assumes that the frame, the springs, and everything else under the cover is ok, If he does find anything wrong with the frame, springs, or padding, he'll do a quick patch that will hold up long enough for him to get paid. He'll leave most of the old cover on the sofa, adds a layer of padding when necessary and puts the new cover right over the old cover. He uses the cheapest of threads and spaces his staples much further apart while attaching the fabric to the frame. He’ll change the style of the furniture to make it easier to do. He keeps his word; he’s the cheapest! And you shouldn't complain about what you get. You got what you paid for, the cheapest job.