Smooth-Talking Sam

Smooth-Talking Sam is proud of his sales ability; using the “bait and switch” method, he can easily get his foot in the door “to give a free estimate.” He can make a sale most of the time. If he gives the client anything in writing, it may only be a “receipt” scribbled on a scrap of paper or, if he wishes to further impress a client, the indecipherable receipt will be on “his letterhead.” His wide smile and flattering words help to mask his pushy and manipulative ways. Once in the home, he’ll find that “the sofa needs extra work he didn’t know about.” Mainly interested in making money, he claims to use only the highest grade materials and the finest workmanship while using the very cheapest materials he can find. When he finally delivers the hastily slapped together sofa, he sweet-talks and flatters the customer to mask his inferior materials and his shoddy workmanship. He gives the upholstery trade a bad name.