Perfectionist Pete

Perfectionist Pete is proud of, what he thinks are, his “superior abilities.” He has been doing upholstery for many years and perhaps learned his trade from a craftsman. Since he views himself as the “expert,” he is not open to receiving criticism or advice from his customers or other upholsterers; (although he is quick to point out "flaws" in other upholsterers' work) consequently, long ago he stopped learning to improve his skill level. While he does an above average job, he has an inflated perception of his skills. Thinking that his work is “nearly perfect,” he doesn’t see many of his mistakes and imperfections. Having relied upon his workmanship to gain a following, he never bothered to learn many sales or communication skills; he is often ill tempered and irritable. Many people put up with his abrupt and often rude attitude because his higher level of workmanship is harder to find.