Taking Apart A Lazyboy Recliner

Under Lazyboy


A Question was asked about how to get the seat out of a Lazybor recliner



There is a pin on each side at the front of the underside of the seat. To see it, look under the front of your lazyboy here (look clear up to the bottom of the seat):

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Look way up inside near the front of the seat, next to the arm and you will see a flat curved black metal arm the connects to at pin, which is held in place by a screw, as shown in this picture (look for the tip of my finger):

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Take the screw out of the pin, then pull the pin out (towards the middle of the chair, in the direction away from the arm. This will free that flat arm from the underside of the seat. When you have the pins of both sides taken out, you should be able to lift the front of the seat up high. Now you will be able to see the screws that hold the back of the seat to the arms. Take out those screws (bolts) and then the seat will come out of the chair. Now take those brackets off the bottom of the seat. If you have a digital camera, I would recomment that you take pictures of each piece as you take it apart. That way you can remember how to put it back together. But if you can't take pictures, perhaps we can still help you put it back together. I've  done countless lazyboys over the years.