Email Estimate


Sample Email Estimate:

This is not a normal email estimate. Because they were from across the country, I went into more detail. I suppose I could just as well have told her that I don't do mail order, because I doubt that I'll get the job anyway.
Thanks for your inquiry. It's a delight to hear from someone in South Carolina.
I did not understand your message.
Do You want complete new RV cushions made, including foam and cover?
Do you want just to have new covers made for your existing RV cushions?
Do you realize that you could probably have a local upholsterer make these?
The labor costs for making RV cushions is shown here: RV Cushion Labor. These RV style cushions are made very simply with no welts and very few seams.
What type of fabric would you want on them? You can see some of the available fabrics from one of our suppliers, shown here: Charlotte Fabrics.  Go to their fabric pages and then look at the left-side menus to find fabrics sorted by Color, Pattern, and Material (as well as some other menu choices.
Other fabric choices are available, such as plain colored 8 to 10 oz ducks, twills and denims, at about $10up per yard.
I have went through your sizes below and put the estimated costs and yards below each of your cushion descriptions below
There would be an addition freight charge (yet to be determined) added to the below prices.
Althoughbecause of the high cost of foam, we mi
Ordering Info:
If we were to do your job, this is how it would go.
You would pick out your fabric (possibly from Charlotte Fabrics). We would make out a work order and email it to you for your inspection. The additional freight and shipping costs (not included here) would be figured and added to the work order.  If you should decide to proceed, we would need a 1/2 deposit.
Our  normal payment options are cash, check*, money order, cashiers check. We are not set up to take any credit cards.
We could also take PayPal.
Note: We are currently booked out about 1 1/2 to 2+ months before we could start your job. Once we received your order, we would put you on the "Jobs in Progress" list and complete you job when it was your turn.
When Job is Complete
When job is complete, choose one of the options below:
(if requested, we could email pictures of your completed job to you.)
Payment and Shipping Options:
1. You mail us a check* (see below), money order, or cashiers check. - OR -
2. You send payment via PayPal.
   In 1 and 2 above, we would ship your order promptly* (see below) as soon as we receive payment
    - OR -
3. We could ship job COD, payable by cash, money order, or cashier's check.
(*If payment is by check, the order would be held up until the check had cleared the bank before the fabric would be ordered. If paying by check when the job is finished, we would notify you of completion of job. Job would be shipped after we receive your check and it has cleared the bank.)
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.
Best Wishes,
Stephen Winters
Winters Sewing
Salem, Oregon