Glues and Adhesives

Glue Choices

Do you need to know what kind of glue to use for your project(s)?. Here are some resources to help you make a wise choice.

This to That:* What Glue should you use to glue two different types of material together? This website gives some recommended glues for each type of material.

Titebond:* Professional Titebond Cabinet Shop and Woodworking glues. Go to their website to download the Product & Application Technical Guide

Homestead Finishing Products:* Woodworking Glues - Some Facts That Will Stick   by Jeff Jewitt. is an article about various types of glue and how they work.

The Wood Magazine has a "Guide to Woodworking Glues*" on their website

Visit the Woodweb for "The largest collection of woodworking related information all in Woodweb's Knowledge Base.*"

*For these web links, special thanks to Keith from the
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