Furniture Upholstery Workshops

Furniture Upholstery Workshops

The Instructor: Stephen Winters has been doing upholstery since 1966. He is highly skilled in furniture upholstery. He continually searches for better ways to do things. He is the author of most of the articles on this Upholstery Resource website.
These workshops are recommended for those who want to quickly learn some of the basics of furniture upholstery. The Workshops have one instructor with maximum of 2 students. He will show you how to do each part and then let you do it. He believes that the best way to learn is by doing.
The focus of this class is helping you learn some of the basics of upholstery.

Workshop Topics

  • Estimating
    • Forms used
    • Computerized Estimating
    • Method of Estimating
      • By the yard
      • Per Component
      • By the hour
  • Fabric
    • Figuring Yardage
    • Measuring, Making a Layout, & Cutting Fabric
  • Sewing
    • Fitting, Cutting & Sewing Cushions
    • Attached Pillow backs
  • Frame Prep
    • Stripping The Frame
    • Frame inspection and repair
    • Repadding
  • Springs
    • Retying Hand Tied Springs
    • Working with Arc Springs
  • Making Patterns
  • Making Skirts
  • Button Tufting
  • Safety
    • Setting up your shop to be safe
  • Taking Care of Your Body

Workshop Lengths

  • 2 day workshops ( on a weekend)
  • 3 day  workshops(on a 3 day weekend)
  • 5 or 6 day workshops in one week
  • 6 day workshops (2 days (Sat & Sun) over 3 weekends.
  • 2 week workshops

Preparation and Followup

Before you attend  these workshops we recommend that you line up at least 6 or 8 pieces of furniture to recover as soon as you return from these workshops. This will help insure that you will learn and put into practice what you have learned. Time is the enemy. If you take these classes don't do anything for a few weeks or months, then  it will be much harder for you to remember and apply what you have learned.
After you participate in these workshops it is strongly recommended that you promptly recover those 6 or 8 pieces of furniture immediately following the workshop. This will help insure that you will remember what you have learned.
Class size: 1 or 2 students


1 Student
2 Students
Cost would probably be in the neighborhood of $200 to $300+ per student per day of each class. The cost would depend how much advance preparation I would need to do, whether one, or two students would attend each class, what would be incuded in each class,  whether I decide to film each class and give a DVD to each student in the class, etc., ..........

Location & Contact Info:

Winters Sewing (The owner of this website)
440 E Street,
Independence, Oregon 97351


The class is limited to non-smokers. We are a non smoking household and don't want the smell of smoke getting on our client's furniture and drifting through our house and shop.
The class is not available to anyone living in my market area (within 50 miles) as I wouldn't want to train my competition.