Making Edge Roll

IMG_6295-warmann.JPGHave you ever been in the middle of a job and realized that you needed the some edge roll for the front of your spring deck on the sofa job? It would take several days to order it in, and it is holding up the whole job. What do you do? Put the job aside and work on another job? Should you call other upholsterers in the area to see if you can scrounge some up? Why not just make your own. It's fast and easy, and you probably have all the supplies at hand. There are a number of ways to create edge roll. The type and size of edge roll you need will depend upon your project. Here is what I used here:

Tools and Supplies needed.

  • Webbing
  • Cotton padding, or other hard filler
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors

Step 1



Cut webbing a few inches longer than needed for edgeroll. Cut, or tear, strips of cotton. How wide the cotton strips should will depend upon how big you want the edge roll to be. For this project I made the cotton strips about 4" wide. To keep the edge roll a consistent size, cut your padding an even width.






Step 2

While sitting at the sewing machine, starting at the end, roll the cotton tightly in a roll





Step 3

Place the cotton roll in the center of the webbing strap and fold the webbing over the cotton.

Edgeroll making 04IMG_4122.JPG



Step 4

Pushing the rolled cotton firmly into the, place the two loose edges of the webbing under the foot of the sewing machine.




Step 5

Sew about 1/2" from two edges, closing the cotton into a webbing tube, wrapped around the filling.



Step 6

Take the webbing edgeroll out of the sewing machine and cut it to the desired length.


Now fasten it in place. Enjoy! You have saved yourself a trip.


Any type of firm filling (i.e. horse hair, etc.) can be used in place of the cotton for the stuffing. Just use whatever quality filling you have on hand.

Another type of Edge Roll



Some types of edge rolls can be made as part of the burlap spring cover. Click on the picture and you will be taken to the album showing pictures of how it is done. If you would rather see it as a slide show, click here: Slide Show: Edge Roll for a chair.




Absolutely great idea. It wouldn't cross my mind until I read about it.

Paul Janis

 Designers Choice Upholstery