Road Map


 Over the past approx 6 years we have been pleased to share upholstery information free of charge to the general public. As we are able, much of that content will continue to be available here, and more in the future, without charge. In addition to that, we are considering improving the quality of the content, which may include adding more detailed content and picture tutorias and possibly video tutorials. This takes much time, effort, and money to produce. This more advance content would be made available to the paid memberships.

Anonymous Visitors

Will be able to see basic informational pages and teasers of the premium pages.

Registered Users - Free Membership

In addition to the information that Anonymous Visitors can see, Registered Users can also use the General Forums to ask and answer questions.

They might be able to read the tutorials without the pictures.

Registered Plus Members

Same as Registered Members, Except they could also view premium content on a "pay per view" basis. Need to set this up yet. Members might set up a subscription type so that they would easily pay on use, or possibly go through the payment process for each node they want to visit.

Premium Members - Paid Membership

In addition to what the Registered Uses can see and do, Premium members will able to see the premium content

The Premium members will be able to see the tutorial with pictures.

Either the premium members (or the next higher) may also be able to view videos.

There will be a fee to be a premium member, but that fee might be waived for each member that submits a quality & approved article, tutorial, video, etc.

Highest Members - Paid Membership

Not sure yet if there will be a highest level, or if everything from this level will be a part of the premium membership.