Online Upholstery Classes?

Would anyone be interested in taking an online upholstery class?

I recently got my first smart phone and have been doing a lot of experimenting with it. A thought has come to me. I’m wondering about the possibility of doing some teaching/training via online. Here are a few of my beginning thoughts about doing some type of online upholstery classes, either one on one, or to a group. It possibly could be set up through a service such as Skype.

One way that it might work is that I would use my cell phone's video on this end, which the student could see on their phone or computer. Then the student would follow the instructions on their end while showing me what they were doing using their smart phone or webcam.

There are some details that would need to be worked out. For instance, for this to work very well I would think that

A.) either both the student and I might need to have the materials for the same project in front of us.

B.) OR another way would be for the student to just show me what he/is is doing and I would need to tell them how to do it. Of course, words are not nearly as helpful as actually showing.

C.) OR, with a little bit of advance planning, perhaps I could have some materials handing where I could simulate what  the student is doing and show the student via the smart phone.

D.) OR perhaps there might be another way.

Let me know if you have any interest in this. Then I might explore it future. Perhaps you could be in on the testing phase?

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