How Much To Charge?

(This message is a response to another upholsterer who was feeling grumbly because some of her clients were asking her to lower her price. )

Can you give me a break on the price?

A couple months ago a client brought a sectional into my shop to replace the soft foam in the seat with a high quality foam. When I gave him the price the price he tried to get me to lower the price. I told him something like "I don't make a lot of money at this, I have to feed my family." He said that his wages have been cut back also, and could I give another poor working stiff a break, etc ....... I was kind in my response, but kept firm in my price. He decided to have me go ahead and do it anyway. After I finished the job and he came to pick it up, he wanted me to go home with him to help him get it in the house. Since I wanted it out of my shop, and he said he didn't have anyone at home to help him, I went with him. His house must have cost at least $500,000 to $800,00, possibly a million dollars. He is a regional sales manager for a large company. His wife also has some type of high position in a school system. I would guess that he alone easily makes 10 times as much as I do. By the way, he gave me an extra $10 to go with him clear across town, which took at least an hour. I cheated myself by not specifying a reasonable price for my time in advance. Before going with him, I should have told him a price for helping him deliver it.

I thought it humorous that (when I was giving him the price) he tried to relate to me on my level as a mutual struggling working man, and yet obviously had an income waaaaay above mine. His interpretation of being a "poor working stiff" is far different from mine.

Best Wishes,