Uses For Computerized Layouts


Making a Cutting Layout

The most common use of this LibreOffice Draw template is to make a cutting layout for the upholstered chair or sofa that I'm working on. Then I print out the layout and use as a cutting guide. It tells me where to cut each piece and how big to make them. I also check off each piece as I cut it so that I can keep track of which pieces I've cut. Here is example of a cutting layout for a wing chair. (Click on the picture to enlarge)

Estimating Yardage

Another use for the cutting layout is to figure yardage more precisely whenever needed, such as when estimating a very large job. Although for most of my quotes I give an estimate of yardage based upon standard yardage charts combined with my experience, some jobs can use some extra help. For instance, I recently had to give a quote on 99 cushions to be done in vinyl (48 in purple and 51 in blue). The zippers would be done in a matching fabric to allow for better air flow. The job also included furnishing new foam for all the cushions.

Because of the client's ordering and budgeting restrictions, they had a certain budget that they could use each year for this. So the order had to be broken up into four years. Also, because of my job schedule I couldn't do it all at once and to break each year's portion into a manageable size for me. I was also ordering new foam for the cushions. Using the software I did a number of test layouts to see how many cushions to do at a time. (Using the software it is easy to create all the parts of one cushion, and then duplicate those parts to make many more cushions. It is fairly simple to use those parts to test out doing 5 cushions, 6 cushions, 7 cushions, 8 cushions, 9 cushions, 10 cushions, etc. at a time. Combining what I learned from doing these test layouts with the size of the cushions and the size of the foam sheets, I finally figured out that nine cushions was the best quantity to make each time.

Here is how I laid out the vinyl pieces (without the zippers) of that group of nine cushions. (Click on the picture to see the full size layout.) This drawing is only a piece of the larger layout below it.

So I used my LibreOffice Draw customized template to create two cutting layouts (using nine cushions in each group), one layout for the cushions using the purple vinyl and one for the blue vinyl. Shown below is the cutting layout for all 48 of the purple cushions. (Click on the picture below to enlarge) I also did a similar layout (not shown) for the blue vinyl cushions. I made a very simple layout for the zipper fabrics.

 You will notice in the layout that each group of nine cushions circled in a different color and identified by a number. This makes it easer to keep each set separate. Also, since the job covers 4 years, having this layout will help me keep track of  (and remember) what I've done and what needs to be done, as well as where to cut cut everything. In figuring the total yardage I add the normal extra yardage amount for the cutting allowance. I mark that out on the layout so I can remember what I did.


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