Adding Pictures from your own web albums


The first thing to understand is that you must only post pictures that you own or have a right to publish. Do not link to pictures that you do not have a right to use.

 To Use a picture you have on the Internet elsewhere:

    1. First start a message on open the WYSIWYG editor (instructions for opening the editor yet to be written)
    2. Click on the image icon  Picture Icon  This will bring up an "insert/edit image" message box. (see paragraphs 10 & 11 at the bottom of this page.)
    3. Put the locaton of your image in the "Image URL" text box.
    4. Click on the "Alignment" (which will say "not set") and chose "left" (or one of the other choices.)
    5. If you want to put a white space (recommended) between your text and the pictures, put "10" in both the "Verticle space" and the "Horizontal space" text boxes.
    6. Now you are ready to insert the image into your message. Click on "Insert" (at the bottom of the "Insert/edit image" box) and the "Insert/edit image" box will close, leaving you back at your wysiwy message window.
    7. If the picture isn't where you want you can drag in around in the wysiwyg window.
    8. When you are finished with your message, to get your pictue to show, you need to choose the Input Format. Under the left side of the wysiwyg editing window, click on "Input format". Choose "full HTML". (If you don't don't do this, your picture won't show after you have submitted it.)
    9. To Save your message, scroll down to the bottom of your web browser window and click the "submit" button. (you can also do a preview before saving, but make sure you still "submit" it before leaving.