Taking The Back Off of a Lazyboy Recliner

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The situation, you have a lazyboy recliner and you need to move it.  Because of their unique recliner mechanism, this proceedure will only work on newer Lazyboy recliners. (Older Lazyboys don't come apart like this.) Newer Lazyboys are built to come apart easily. Turn the recliner around so that you are at the back of the recliner.

lazyboy outside back


Get a standard flat screwdriver, and you may also need a flashlight. Look in the crack between the arms and the backrest. Using the flashlight (if needed) find the metal bracket.



The braket has a short lock lever. Put the tip of the flat screwdriver under the downward pointing end of the lock level and lift the lever all the way up so that it will be pointing upward.




After you have unlatched both sides, then you can use your screwdriver to gently pry up both sides of the backrest. After you have it pryed up a little, stand behind the chair, grab ahold under the overhang section (as shown in picture below on right) ......

  5   6






...... and lift the backrest section out of the chair. This makes the chair much easier to transport. You can carry each piece separately.