Doing Mail Order

Recently I had a  client vist the RV Cushions page of my upholstery business website.
 She said that she had some RV cushions that she wanted me to make. Since I've never done any work mail order before, I'm trying to work out the details. I'm wondering, is mail order too much trouble, or does it have great potential to add to my business.

Getting Correct sizes
1. Client to measure the cushions
2. Client to ship cushions to us: We only need one of each size of cushion. Here are your choices:

  • Ship Cushion covers: Remove the foam from the covers and ship 1 of size of cushion covers to use.
  • Ship Whole Cushions: Package and ship 1 of each size of cushions to us. In some cases this might be helpful, but in most cases this is unnecessary.

How should the item be packaged? (this would have to take into the UPS package preparation guidelines.)  
Possible Packaging methods:


  • Plastic Wrap: Should it be shrink wrapped?
  • Cardboard Boxes:





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