How To Protect Corners

In some applications, such as in restaurants that have their booths covered in vinyl, vacuums and floor polishers can run into the corners of the booths and cause damage. How do you protect those corners from getting damaged? I was asked if there was some type of clear plastic corners that just screw on. This was my answer?

 Here's one rule of thumb I go by. Often times there are ideas about what I want to find. Then there is what is actually available. As you know, upholsterers have to be extremely creative, often finding or creating substitute items to replace what the original way. [u][b]What is available that will do the job?[/b][/u] Perhaps you can find the clear plastic corner protectors, perhaps not. Be open to other ideas. Maybe something else will fulfill the same purpose. I did a search on the Internet and here are some ideas for corner protectors:

  1. Here are some [url= Butyrate Corner Guards[/url] .
  2. Here are lots of pictures of various Corner Guards on Google . Flip through the pages of picture until you find what you like.
  3. Here is another type of Clear Plastic Corner guards.
  4. Here are [url=]more corner guards[/url] .
  5. And here are some more [url=]Clear and Colored Corner Guards[/url] .
  6. Use some leather, such as tool belt grade leather to put on corners. You can use decorative tacks or screws to hold it on. [url= this example[/url] .
  7. Call a Janitorial supply company and see what type of corner protectors that they have
  8. Paper and Packaging companies have a [url= protector like this[/url] .
  9. Here are some [url= Corner Products[/url] . 
  10. Perhaps some metal corner protects, [url= this[/url] , would do.
  11. Check with your local janitorial supply companies. They often sell corner protectors.
  12. Ask local Janitor and house clearning companies where they get their corner protectors.

There are lots of corner guards/protectors. Find out what is actually available and give you client choices. Be flexible.   Best Wishes, Stephen