Furniture Slipcover Cushions


Should you Remove The Existing Cushion Covers on Slipcovers?

I would recommend that you don't take off the old cushion cover. The main idea of a slip cover is that is a "loose cover" over the existing cover. The client has the option of taking the slipcover off (assuming the old cover is still in OK condition"), and being able to have two different looks for her furniture; it's one color with the slipcover on, and another color when the slipcover it off. Some people like to be able to change colors of their furniture. If you are in doubt, I would suggest talking over the pros and cons with the client. Yes, the Welts from the original cover may show a little, but the probably won't show noticably if you:


  • Cut the cushion boxing just the right width -and-
  • After the cushion is sewn and stuffed, reach inside and turn the seam allowance so that it goes down evenly over the front edge of the cushion.

Yes, the cushion cover may be a little loose, but that makes it easier for the client take the cover off to clean it.

Sloppy Slipcovers? Quote: Or do I create the slipcover to go over the original cover - both of which have welting? The downside to this is that the cover will look sloppy. Slicovers Are Not Upholstery Two things in reply here. You and the client have to have different expectations for a slip cover. It is NOT an upholstery job. It won't fit exactly like an upholstery job. If you make it fit "tight", then, if the client cleans the slipcover, it might shrink and not fit any more. I would suggest that you make your covers just a little loose, to leave room for shrinkage. I usually talk over these options with the client at the time I'm taking the order. I explain their options

  • Nice and Snug: I can make the cover nice and snug so it looks nice and pretty when I give the furniture to them. But if the cover shrinks when the client cleans it, then the slipcover is useless.
  • Loose fitting: Or I can make it a little loose fitting (which, accornding to your message might mean a little sloppy), but it allows a little room for shrinkage. Also, by making the slipcover a little loose, you make it easier for the client to get it on and off, and less chance they will rip it. (I'm not talking about the very loose and baggy look. I don't like those things myself.)

Most of my clients have chosen to have me make it a little loose fitting. Slipcover Pictures Here are some pictures of slipcovers that I have made:  All of these have all of the old cover left on, including the corded cushion covers. I don't consider them sloppy or objectionable, and neither do my clients.

My Early Insecurities

When I first started making slipcovers (after doing upholstery for 25 years) I was very insecure. I had to make the slipcover nice and tight, just like an upholstery job. However, I was just thinking of my own need for "doing it perfectly". (Perfectionism has been one of my weak spots, and it can be such a cruel master.) I wasn't thinking about what was in the best interest of the client.

Custom Slipcovers

I usually ask the Client What They Want in a "Custom Fitted Slipcover" (Custom means according to the client's wishes.) I would suggest that you talk over your thoughts the client before you do them. I've found that when I'm fretting over a job, my wife is so good to encourage me to, "Honey, call the client and ask them." It works great.! Once I've talked it over with the client (or even had them come and see what I'm mean), I'm then at peace. No more fretting. The client has approved it in advance. Have the client prewash the fabric before Take off part of the old cover, such as the cushion covers? It is not recommended taking of the old cover. The color of the original cover usually alters the color of the slipcover a little. If you remove the original cover from any area, then the color affecting the top cover will be different. The color of the padding or cushioning, which will undoubtedly be different from the fabric color, will often alter the color of the slipcover. Laundering or drycleaning the fabric in advance. If their is a concern that the fabric may shrink, one solution is to have the fabric laundered or dry cleaned in advance. Use whatever type of cleaning method that the client will use in cleaning them.