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Hello, I'm glad i found your site on the web. I took my lazyboy recliner to a guy that said he was an upholsterer to have the sagging seat springs replaced. When he called and said it was ready and i got there, he had only added 4 straps about 1" wide.He had also added some more foam cushion. He assured me it would be like new, i paid him 65 bucks and left with it. When i got it home and sat in it it felt like i was sitting on basketball(maybe not quite that bad)but very uncomfortable.I called him back and he said to bring it back and he would get it right. I took it back and my son picked it back up the next day, and it seems he lossened the 4 straps a little, and told my son that i could compltely remove the straps by cutting them if i wanted to. The chair was still very uncomfortable so i cut the straps out, which makes it a little more comfortable but still hurts the butt after sitting in it for 20 or so minutes. I don't know why he did'nt just replace the springs like i told him to unless he did'nt have access to them. So anyway i'm kind of back where i started, and i'm not taking it back to him. I think i can replace them myself with your instructions if i can find the new ones. Can you please give me any info you might have as to where i might get the springs. I alredy tried the sites you recommended but the links don't work.....thanks for your help..Bill

Hi Bill,

   I fixed the links on this page "Replacing broken seat Springs in a LazyBoy Recliner".

When an upholsterer replaces the springs in a seat there should not be any extra straps in the seat. The springs themselves is all that is needed. As you suggested, maybe he didn't 'have any arc springs and may have been trying to just "make-do". The method of workmanship that you describe is not what a qualified professional upholsterer should have done.

I'm confused by you saying that the springs were "sagging". The main way that an arc spring (also called a NO-SAG spring) can sag is if it is broken. Otherwise they generally don't sag. So, I'm wondering what you meant by sagging. Were the springs broken, or could it be that the padding or foam on the seat is mashed down or wrinked or torn?