The Role of Video in Client Relations

In working with clients we occassionally need to discuss some of the details of the job with them. Sometimes the clients live an hour or more away from our shop, so it is often impractical to ask the client to come back to the shop so that we can show them the challenge.

In dealing with clients I like to be as transparent as possible, to show them in detail when I need to add an extra charge. For instance, if I priced out a job that did not include spring repairs, then I like to show the client the actual condition of their springs.

That is where video comes in handy. Here are several jobs where we used video to bring the client into the discussion without having them make an unnecessary trip.

Validation of Extra Charges

When giving prices to clients it is sometimes difficult to tell the true condition of the springs or other interior parts of the furniture. So, I may bid a job for a certain price based upon a certain presumption of a specific condition of the furniture. However, if the furniture needs more work than  was specified on the work order, I like to show the client what is needed and thus showing the reason for the extra charge.

Here is a video I made showing that the chair springs had some broken ties and needed some work that wasn't charged for on the Work Order. (I had put a note on that work order that there could be an extra charge for the springs if needed.).



Here is another video I made for another client about the condition of the springs in their chair:



Discussing Details of a Job

Here is another video I made for a client to show the client some details of the job that I had questions about.