Advice & Consultation

Free Information on this website

On this website I have written a lot of free upholstery information and advice. Everything that is on this website is available to freely read. There is no other information elsewhere on this website. If you can't find what you want, then use the search function, OR use the  menus at the left side of the websites. However, if you need or want me to search this website and send links to appropriate artices, then follow the instructions below.

Requesting additional help.

Do you have a problem or a situation where you need some additional help or advice? As a professional upholsterer since 1966 I have learned a lot about the upholstery trade. I willingly offer my services to you, whether for advice, or help, or perhaps writing a tutorial or instructions for your particular needs. I charge on a per quarter hour basis. By the time that I read your email, determine what type of help I can give, and either supply or write out some information or instructions, most of the simple requests that I receive take at least 15 minutes. 

Here are some forms of help that I can offer to you:

  1. Send you links to specific article on this website that may meet your needs. (You can do this yourself for free.)
  2. Write out some detailed information or instructions
  3. Send you pictures or a link to some appropriate pictures or videos (either that I created or that were made by others.
  4. Sometimes I can just send you links to the pictures or videos, or sometimes I can make short videos hopefully showing you what you need to know.

How does this work?

  1. First you take some time to clearly formulate your thoughts or questions, and write it out clearly. Before you send it, take some time away from it. Then come back with a fresh set of eyes. Pretend like you don't know anything about the request you just wrote. Ask yourself, if you received this request, does it include enough information, doesn't it included everything that I need to know to answer your question?
  2. Use the website Contact form to send a request. Put "Advice Requested" in the subject. Also, include your name and contact information in the Contact form.
  3. I will look over your request and then send you a quote (Which will include my contact information). If I do not have enough information then I'll contact you for more detail.
  4. Most simple Advice Requests should run about $15 to $30+ (with payment through PayPal).  A more indepth response may cost more. In any case, you are under no obligation to proceed.
  5. Should you decide to proceed, respond back. Send back the quote with your approval noted on it. Also include your full name and contact information.
  6. After I have completed the project I will send you a sample of part of it along with the final invoice, with a link to pay through PayPal. (You can use your credit or debit cards). If there is a change in the bill than what I originally quoted you, you are under no obligation to proceed. In this case we will keep the project and you are free from obligation.
  7. Once we receive payment we will send the finished project to you.

Notice, we keep full ownership and copyright rights to everything we create.