An Undesirable Job

What do you do when you end up with an undesirable job. Perhaps you somehow took it in way too cheap, or it has a lot more work than you knew about?
You answered your own question, " I'm having trouble though leaving these broken pieces in there. " Listen to your inner voice. You are writing out the story of your life with your every action. What do you want the story of your life to say? Every time we take a compromise our inner voice, we cause ourselves stress. When you look back at this job in the future, what do you want to remember that you did? You are the one who sets your standards. What do you want your standards to be? Only you can answer that.
While you are thinking about that, I just want to share a personal experience of my own. While the experience is not the same, it still addresses a basic issue of how do deal with clients when it cost us money out of our own pocked. Here is a story about a foam sale that seemingly went bad.