Upholstery Leather

Upholstery Leather.

After Receiving yet another call by a client wanting leather (and having to tell here about the expense of leather), I went on the Internet to find out more information. I've heard about "split leather" before, and wanted to find out more about it. The Question I had in my mind; "Why does upholstery leather cost so much, and yet the new furniture stores can sell leather furniture so inexpensively?"

I did this "Google Search on Leather" and came up with this web page:

The Leather Controversy  

"Some essential  information and advice for those contemplating purchasing leather upholstered furniture: 

"Split leather", "bi-cast leather"(or just plain "bi cast"), "reconstituted leather", "corrected grain", "full grain", "aniline", "pigmented" - just some of the  terms used within the leather industry but not generally explained to the furniture buying public ..... "