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Choosing A Business Name

When trying to decide upon a name, I'd like to give my thoughts about how names fit on signs and domain names. If you are putting a name on a sign, the more words you have in the main part of the name, the smaller the letters will have to be. I'm going to be a little bit overly rediculous, just do show a point. And, so that we don't get distracted by the name, for this example, I'm going use a completely different name.

Focusing Your Business

If you are starting or refocusing your upholstery or sewing business, you may be trying to decide exactly what you will be doing. For example, will you only be sewing cushions, or only making slipcovers, or will you be doing all phases of upholstery. This is important to decide because it affects what you will be writing in your advertising.

A Story About The Upholstery Process

Frazzled, but Recovering

By Stephen Winters

Pricing Jobs

   The question was asked, by a workroom who really needed to get some experience and some work, if she could lower her prices more than she already had. Here was my response to her:

The Place of Quickbooks in Management

QuickBooks: More Than Just Bookkeeping

This section refers to the Intuit product called Quickbooks. Quickbooks comes in several versions, as shown here: Compare QuickBooks Products.

You can uses it from anything as just simple check register up to almost a full business management tool which keeps track of most of your business functions.


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