Customer Relations

Keeping a Good Attitude

Being in business it is especially important to keep a good attitude with the clients because the clients are the ones supporting our business. When we choose to have negative attitudes towards our clients, it degrades our character and hurts our business. Clients can tell if we harbor ill-will towards them.

What Do You Do When Work Is Slow?

Are you desperate for work? Has it been real slow? Are the bills mounting up?

It's hard to think about what to do differently when things look bleak. But sometimes lack of work is a wakeup call, some things may need to be changed or reevaluated. It might be time to get back to the basics. Here are some suggestions. They may seem simplistic, but they are key to having the clients trust you enough to do their work for them.

A Story About The Upholstery Process

Frazzled, but Recovering

By Stephen Winters


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