Pattern Matching

Plaid Matching

This 10 minute video is a rough draft of part 1 of a Plaid Matching video. You may watch this short video in Full Screen mode by clicking on the Full Screen button (with the 4 arrows) at the bottom right of the video.

Matching Welt on a Curve

catto-IMG_4608.JPGThe project was an upholstered cornice, with a 3/8" welt along the top and bottom edges. The instructions were "Match the welt as best as you can". Normally cornices that have shaped bottoms with striped fabric have the welt made in a contrasting welt, or have the fabric cut on the biased. In this case we decide to experiment to see what could be done.

Matching Stripes in a Corner

Stripes at Corner Seams

  There are probably numerous thoughts about and ways to join the stripes at the Inside Back (IB) to the Inside Arm (IA) corner, and each of them may have merit. This is how I'd probably do it.

    You will want to center all the stripes at the center of the sofa, and then match the stripes outwards from the center.

Matching Floral Print At The Seam With Pins

Matching Floral Patterns

Author's Note: this is a time consuming way to match patterns. I have since learned an easier better way. Hope to write about that in the future.


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